Common Typing Terms

Learn typing termsWhether you're new to typing or you've been using the keyboard for years, there are a few common terms that get thrown around a lot when you're talking about typing.

WPM – This acronym stands for words per minute. Average wpm is the standard measure of typing speed, which controls for the number of characters and keystrokes. A timed typing test is the best way to determine your words per minute (wpm) score.

Keyboard – Without a keyboard, there wouldn't be a need for typing skills! The keyboard is a piece of hardware connected to a computer that allows you to input letters, numbers, and characters.

QWERTY – This is the standard keyboard layout, which has been in use since the 1870s. It's named after the first 6 letters that appear on the top row.

Function keys – These are the "F" keys usually found along the very top of a keyboard (typically at least F1 through F12, although there are sometimes even more). A function key can be programmed to perform a certain action. Some keyboards and computers have default actions that are already programmed to these keys.

Numeric keypad – This is the small, 17-key section of a keyboard that includes numerals 0 through 9 in addition to basic mathematic functions. This keypad is usually found on the far right of the keyboard (smaller keyboards typically don't include it) and is intended for the efficient input of numbers.

Internet keyboards – Keyboards that include standard internet browser commands (like Back, Home, etc.) are a relatively new addition to the keyboard market and are referred to as internet keyboards.

Now that you understand basic typing terms, make sure you take the free typing test to determine your average words per minute (wpm) score. If you'd like to increase your average typing speed, or average wpm, check out the article on how to improve typing speed.