Data Entry Jobs

Data entry is a key function of many different careers. Both conventional and work from home/online, and quick and efficient data entry is only accomplished through superior typing skills. Jobs that are solely data entry are in decline, as reported by the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics; however, there are a number of rapidly growing careers that require a significant amount of data entry, including the pharmacy technician and medical coding and billing fields.Be a Pharmacist Assistant

Pharmacy Technician

The pharmacy technician field is expected to grow 31%, or by almost 100,000 new jobs, by 2018. The career relies heavily on good typing skills since pharmacy technicians are responsible for entering all patient data, prescription information, insurance information, and more into a pharmacy's data system.
Pharmacy technician employment is regulated in some states and not in others, which means that the requirements for education and certification vary. However, earning national certification gives you best chance for employment in this field and a formal training program is the best way to prepare for national certification.

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Medical Coding and Billing

Medical Coding JobsThe medical coding and billing field is expected to grow by 20% by 2018. Professionals in this field are responsible for converting data from patient medical records into the standardized codes that are used to bill patients and third-party payers, such as Medicare and insurance companies. This conversion of data requires a significant amount of data entry, making typing skills very important.

Medical coding and billing employers typically only hire those with formal training and often national certification or experience. When exploring education options, it's very important to choose a training program that prepares you for well-known, reputable coding certifications, like those offered by the AAPC or AHIMA.

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Typing skills are key to being successful in any field that requires a significant amount of data entry. See where your typing skills rank with the free typing test and practice and improve those skills with the online typing tutorials.