Typing Productivity Tools

Typing productivityThere are a variety of typing tools designed to increase your productivity, including speech recognition software, regular and medical spell checkers, word expanders, and more.

Speech Recognition Software
Speech recognition software is designed to reduce typing time by recognizing the spoken word and generating a written report from the audio. This significantly decreases typing time by only requiring the typist to edit the written report rather than typing the whole thing himself.

Speech recognition software options include:

  • Window Speech Recognition (from Microsoft)
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking (from Nuance)
  • SpeechMagic (from Nuance)
  • e-Speaking (from e-speaking.com)

Regular and Medical Spell Checker Software
Spell checkers are important tools that make it easy to spot misspelled words. Most word processors or text editing programs include a spell checker; however, if you're typing medical documents, you may need additional medical spell checker software to handle specialized medical terms.

Medical spell checker software options include:

  • Dorland's Electronic Medical Dictionary (from W.B. Saunders)
  • Stedman's Electronic Medical Dictionary (from Stedman's)
  • Merriam-Webster's Medical Audio Dictionary (from Merriam-Webster)
  • Spellex (from Spellex)

Word Expander Software
Word expanders are a valuable typing tool that allows typists to quickly insert content (words, phrases, sentences, or even paragraphs) that is frequently repeated. For example, instead of typing "transcription" a typist could use just type "trans" and the word expander would fill in the rest.

Word expander software options include:

  • InstantText (from Textware Solutions)
  • MedPen or MPWord (from Emmaus MedPen)
  • Shorthand (from Office Soft, LLC)
  • ShortKeys (from Insight Software Solutions)

With these productivity tools, you can quickly improve typing speed and accuracy. For more tips check out the other typing tutorial articles.

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