Use your typing skill to write from homeWriting careers are obviously very reliant on good typing skills. In today's information age, almost all written information is shared through technology, which requires input through a keyboard. Without good typing skills, writers are limited in the amount of their work they can share. Poor typing skills can also inhibit writers by interrupting their thought flow. (Imagine trying to write a 1,000 word article when it takes you several minutes to type just one short sentence!)

There are a wide variety of different writing careers, including article/content writing, blogging, journalism, book writing, website copy writing, marketing writing, and more. All of these different careers are extremely dependent on good typing skills as well as the ability to use basic word editing software (such as Microsoft Word). So, if you want to pursue a writing career online or from office then you must possess good typing skills. Plenty of jobs are available for those with the required writing and typing skills.

Improve your Microsoft Office skills in just a few months

If you're interested in pursuing a writing career, it's crucial that you develop good typing skills. Take the free typing test to see where you currently rank. Then you can use the typing games and typing tutorial to practice your skills and improve.