Ten Fingers are Better than Two

Ten Fingers Are Better Than Two

An entire generation grew up with very minimal typing skills, this can be a disadvantage in today's computer-filled world where keyboards and mice are the norm, not the exception. Employment is often centered around using the computer, including data entry professions. People can get by using two fingers constantly looking up and down to ensure they are typing the correct letter or sign, this technique is awkward and time consuming.

There are resources available to improve ones typing skills such as; typing games, free online typing tests, keyboarding games, wpm tests, typing tutorials and sites that teach you how to type faster. Learning to type with ten fingers will benefit your life now and in the future as our society continues to rely on computers and typing for communication and employment. Typing is a skill that is obtainable and with practices a small time commitment. The basics involve putting your fingers in proper typing position, and then memorizing the position of the keys. You can start with two keys and add others as you go.

Learning to type can be as easy as playing a game. You can either buy software or find a resource on the internet that will turn learning into a computer game. Some have you shoot letters as they come at you; others have you try to type out short words to earn points. How fast you learn and how well you type will depend on how much time and practice you put into learning this new concept. However, once you have learned you won’t have to continue to update your skill, you won't forget how to type, and you can only get better.

To assess your average typing speed, take our free online typing test or play our typing games.